HRM/Facility Affairs

  • Eline de Labie intern HR
  • Esther van Oerle Telephone operator / receptionist

    jack-of-all-trades, Italy, nature, wine, multitasking, camping, reading, sociability, flowers”

    Personal Question:

    “How do you make sure that we get a 10 out of 10 for customer service?”

    Customer service is very important at elho! We always go the extra mile to convey this to our customers, not only by giving them a warm welcome, speaking their language and being obliging, but through our happily coloured products as well! It’s all about our customers, to make sure they feel as happy as possible! We aim for a perfect workflow to ensure our aim of a 100% score for customer service! Therefore it is great when a customer gives me a compliment by saying they feel very welcome here, this gives me great satisfaction!

  • Frederike Saan manager human resources

     “family and friends, positive, Make-A-Wish, teamplayer, result-oriented, coach, I like music and the sun!

    Personal Question:

    What do you think of the work atmosphere at elho?

    The atmosphere is positive, ambitious, professional, innovative, but most of all, sunny! Everyone is happy to contribute to the beautiful products elho creates.

    Every new employee gets a warm welcome and gets swept up by their new colleagues’ enthousiasm.

    No one day is the same at elho, which makes it an environment with a challenging work atmosphere.


  • Helma van Etten Employee Housekeeping

     “Cycling, hiking, being outdoors, going on vacations

    Personal Question:

    Why do you feel comfortable at elho?

    Everybody treats each other nicely, we are all “equal”. It is great to work at elho!


  • Marjolein Dobbelsteen Employee Housekeeping
    Marjolein Dobbelsteen

    Shopping and making jigsaw puzzles

    Personal Question:

    What makes you proud at elho?

    I am proud to say that I have been working 12,5 years at elho past 2014, and we work together in a nice, friendly manner. I go to work with a smile.

  • Nicole van Gerwen advisor HR

      “Family and friends, hockey, French movies, wine, down-to-earth, positive, online shopping

    Personal Question:

    What is the thing that makes you the proudest at elho?

    It’s hard to choose! The building, the great collection and the whole elho team. I’d love to invite everybody to come and take a look here at elho,. I’s so beautiful here and our products are great! Our team is driven, cheerful and very hardworking to ensure our growth and the happiness of our customers.

  • Nienke van Gerrevink HR Business partner

    “Ambitious, student, salsa dancing, cheerful, teamplayer”

    Personal Question:

    “How does elho support your personal development?”

    I immediately felt welcome at elho! Everyone is willing to help you and you can ask anybody if you have a question. The atmosphere is great and there is lots of room for development. Combining the experience from elho with my studies is the perfect combination for me!


  • Stephan Opperman officer facility affairs

     “Sociability, going on vacations, friends, drinks, handyman, invoplved, go-getter, enthusiastic, responsible”

    Personal Question:

    Why do you go to work with a smile every day?

    My work is important for me. Elho is an exciting new environment for me, after 7 years in the banking sector. My previous knowledge and experience are perfectly suited to professionalize the facilities of the organization. It’s a challenge for me to bring more structure, pro-activeness and vision to the facility management of elho. Next to that I aim for great collaboration with and service for the internal customers. It’s wonderful to work in a company where there is so much attention for teamspirit, quality and experiences!